At the Ministry for Ethnic Communities, we emphasise the importance of diversity and enhance access to government services for ethnic communities.

Recognising the diverse backgrounds and experiences of ethnic communities, we created a Chief Executive video series. This series explains government services available to all New Zealanders, with a specific focus on ethnic communities.

It clarifies how the government operates and how ethnic communities can access these services while highlighting efforts by different government agencies to ensure inclusivity for our diverse population.

We actively listen to our ethnic communities; one significant concern they have raised is Law and Order.

Our video series includes interviews with key figures. The first interview was with Rebecca Kitteridge, Director-General of Security at the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS), unpacking myths and clarifying facts about NZSIS work.

The second interview features Andrew Coster, Commissioner of NZ Police, addressing common questions from our ethnic communities about safety and policing in New Zealand.

In this video, Chief Executive Mervin Singham discusses several issues that matter most to our communities with Andrew Coster.

Watch the full interview below:

A transcript of the video can be found here: Mervin Singham interviews Andrew Coster NZ Police - Transcript

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