Security and Resilience


Everyone in New Zealand has the right to feel safe, respected and to express their opinions and beliefs freely. Foreign interference is when foreign governments try to interfere in New Zealand’s society and communities, democracy, and economy in a secretive and dishonest way.

Foreign interference is one of the core national security issues in New Zealand’s National Security Strategy 2023-2028. It can impact New Zealand's government and electoral systems, the economy, academia, media, communities, sensitive technology and information, and national infrastructure. The activities are coercive, corrupt, deceptive, or secretive. The activities can make communities feel unsafe and infringe on their rights.

There are more than 200 ethnic groups in New Zealand but only some are likely to experience foreign interference. Ethnic communities can receive unwanted and unnecessary attention from foreign states and their supporters.. Some ethnic communities have raised concerns about foreign interference with New Zealand government agencies.

The Ministry for Ethnic Communities will engage with ethnic communities to learn about their experiences of foreign interference, how it impacts them and what support they need.

Learn more about what the New Zealand government is doing about foreign interference.

If communities want to formally report foreign interference, they can report it to the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS). Report foreign interference on the NZSIS website. Personal information and contact details don’t have to be provided.

More information and resources for ethnic communities, including translated information, will be available soon.



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