Our programmes

We work with communities, other government agencies and a range of organisations to help increase social cohesion and ensure Aotearoa New Zealand is a place where everyone feels welcome, valued and empowered to be themselves.
Ethnic Communities Graduate Programme cohort at Parliament 30 August 2023

Ethnic Communities Graduate Programme

The Ethnic Communities Graduate Programme provides a meaningful first employment opportunity for skilled graduates in the public sector.
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Nominations Service

Our ministry maintains a database of qualified people from Aotearoa New Zealand's ethnic communities to provide nominees for public sector boards and committees.
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Inter-cultural capability

Find information and resources to help build and develop your inter-cultural capability.
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Security and Resilience

Everyone in New Zealand has the right to feel safe, respected and to express their opinions and beliefs freely. We will engage with ethnic communities to learn about their experiences of foreign interference, how it impacts them and what support they need.

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