Disaster and emergency support hub

Information for ethnic communities about what support is available during disasters and emergencies.

About this hub

Find key information for ethnic communities about the support that government and other organisations may provide during and following natural disasters and emergencies.

Here you will discover information and resources about mental health support, financial support, language support and a list of ethnic service providers who may be able to help. You will also find useful resources to help you prepare for and respond to a range of different disasters and emergencies that could happen in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We will also provide specific information and support in response to natural disasters and emergencies as they happen in New Zealand.

Available support

  • Mental health support
    There are many services across New Zealand that can offer support, information and help for you, your friends, or your family.
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  • Financial support
    Learn about the different financial support government agencies may provide in response to disasters and emergencies.
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More information

  • Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere
    The Ministry for Ethnic Communities and the National Emergency Management Agency have worked together to create this series of videos, so our communities know what to do to prepare for different disasters and emergencies, and how to respond when they happ
    Watch them here
  • Language support
    Find out how to access government services if you or someone you know needs language support.
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  • Ethnic Service Providers
    Find service providers across the country who may be able to help you or your family if you need any extra support.
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  • Preparing for disasters and emergencies
    The National Emergency Management Agency has information about preparing for different emergencies. This is also available in a range of languages.
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