One of our key priorities at the Ministry for Ethnic Communities is promoting the value of diversity and improving the inclusion of ethnic communities in wider society. Our vision is for an Aotearoa New Zealand that is a truly inclusive nation where people can participate fully and without fear of discrimination, racism, or bias and that they are safe.

We know that security and safety for our ethnic communities is incredibly important and so the Ministry decided to interview Rebecca Kitteridge, Director-General of Security, New Zealand Security Intelligence Service to unpack some of the myths and facts about what they do.

In this video, Chief Executive, Mervin Singham, explores with Rebecca Kitteridge the critical issue of national security in Aotearoa following the 15 March 2019 terrorist attacks in Christchurch. He poses a number of questions to Rebecca about that unfathomable day and the Service’s role in keeping all New Zealanders safe.


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