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The Ethnic Communities Development Fund has $4.2 million a year available for projects. They should fit within the Ministry’s strategic priorities to support ethnic communities, grow their skills, celebrate culture and take part in society.

The Ministry’s priorities are to:

  • Promote the value of diversity and improve the inclusion of ethnic communities in wider society
  • Ensure government services are provided fairly and are easily accessible for ethnic communities
  • Improve economic outcomes for ethnic communities and look at the barriers to employment
  • Connect and uplift ethnic community groups

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Key dates

Applications can be made at any time as the fund is open throughout the year. It generally takes 12 weeks from when a complete application is submitted to when a funding decision is made. However, we recommend that organisations apply well ahead of the proposed event or project to make sure they receive a decision in time.

Funding remaining

Funding remaining for the funding year 1 July 2023 - 30 June 2024 = $213,976.00


The Ministry's policy sets out the requirements for grants and how decisions are made.

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Our Community Funding Advisors

Our experienced Community Funding Advisors can support you with any advice or help you need when making an application to the fund.

Contact the team at ecdf@ethniccommunities.govt.nz or call 0800 656 656.


Alisha Karan



Alisha Karan - Community Funding Advisor (Wellington)




Louise McLean - Community Funding Advisor (Christchurch)

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Kirsten Antao - Community Funding Advisor (Wellington)






Amirtha Martin - ECDF Administrator





We value your feedback about the Fund and take any complaints about it seriously.

Read our ECDF Complaints Procedure.

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