The Ethnic Communities Development Fund has $4.2 million a year available for projects that support ethnic communities to grow their skills, celebrate their culture and take part in society. The fund is also available for initiatives that support ethnic communities as they deal with the challenges of COVID-19. 

Information about the fund, including its priorities, the types of projects it supports, how to apply and where to go for help with your application, is provided below.

  • Who can apply

    Any group can apply if your project supports ethnic communities in New Zealand. Our definition of ethnic communities includes migrants, former refugees, long-term settlers, and those born in New Zealand who identify their ethnicity as: African Asian Continental European...

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  • Make an application

    You can apply at any time as there is no closing date, the fund is permanently open. Generally, we will notify you about your application within twelve weeks of submission. Please apply well in advance.

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  • Help and Tips

    To get help with your application contact a Community Advisor via email at community. matters@dia. govt. nz.

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  • Projects we have funded in the past

    A list of initiatives that have received funding from the Ethnic Communities Development Fund. 2022 Successful funding - April 2022 or in Adobe Successful funding - March 2022 or in Adobe Successful funding - February 2022 or in Adobe Successful funding - January 2022 or in Adobe...

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