Other funding options


If your group or project does not fit the purpose or priorities for the Ethnic Communities Development Fund or is not successful in gaining all your funding requirements, there are other funds you can apply for.

Check out other funding options below or contact one of our Community Funding Advisors at ecdf@ethniccommunities.govt.nz.

There are many different funds and grants available from government and community organisations. Some of them are listed below. We will be adding more funds and grants to this page soon.

Community groups

Community Matters - Department of Internal Affairs

Community Matters includes a range of different funding options, such as the Community Organisation Grants Scheme, Te Tahua Whakatinana Papakāinga, Lottery Community fund and Safer Community Funds, among others.

Find available funding on the Community Matters website.



Creative New Zealand

Funding and Opportunities

Films and movies

New Zealand Film Commission

Funding and support


NZ On Air


New Zealand Music Commission

Capability Quick Response Grants overview and criteria

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