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You will need to fill in an application form online. Your project must support the purpose and one of the four priorities of the fund.


The fund’s purpose is to improve social cohesion in Aotearoa New Zealand and support ethnic communities to be included, feel connected and participate in society.


Animated image of a laptop with our website logo on it.Your project needs to:

  • Support the purpose of the fund
  • Show how it fits one of the four priorities below

We will ask you to confirm this on your application. 

Choose the one priority that fits best with your project.

  1. Take action to promote the value of diversity and improve inclusion of ethnic communities.
    • Examples of projects might include:

      • Celebration of religious festivals and national or remembrance days
      • Events showcasing cultural performances, art, drama, language, or food
      • Social inclusion programmes
  2. Ensure equitable provision of, and access to, Government services for ethnic communities.
    • Examples of projects might include:

      • Covid vaccination community information events
      • Mental health for ethnic communities’ workshops
      • Community resilience and recovery projects
      • Creating culturally appropriate radio programmes
  3. Develop and support initiatives to improve economic outcomes, including addressing barriers to employment.
    • Examples of projects might include:

      • Capability building or development programmes
      • Entrepreneurial workshop
      • CV writing and interview training workshops
      • Building digital skills workshops
      • Small business projects for new settlers and their families
  4. Work to connect and empower ethnic community groups.
    • Examples of projects might include:

      • Cross-cultural parenting programme
      • Water confidence classes for migrant women and children
      • Leadership development and support for migrant and refugee youth
      • Cultural identity and developing community spirit workshops
      • Senior citizen events
      • Youth sports events and tournaments


What we do not fund

  • Grants to individuals
  • Grants for capital works
  • Already completed or partially completed projects
  • Debt repayment or servicing
  • Activities intended to generate profit
  • Operational or business as usual costs
  • Businesses for profit, political goals, or religious ministry
  • Projects to raise money
  • Alcohol or similar substances

Please note, the application form is in English. If you need help, contact our Community Funding Advisors at

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