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  • Te Tari Taiwhenua — Internal Affairs, Ministry for Ethnic Communities — Te Tari Mātāwaka
  • Digital inclusion user insights — Former refugees and migrants with English as a second language
  • Part 1 — The purpose of the report

[Visual:] Jas Hua, UX researcher, Digital Inclusion, Digital Public Service, Te Tari Taiwhenua — DIA

[Audio:] Hi, everyone. I am Jas and I work as a UX researcher for the digital inclusion team at DIA.

[Visual:] Hisham Eldai, Senior Community and Partnerships Advisor, Ministry for Ethnic Communities

[Audio:] I’m Hisham Eldai, a senior community and partnerships advisor in the Ministry for Ethnic Communities.

[Visual: Jas Hua]

[Audio:] For me, my passion lies in understanding humans in general, but also specifically to understand what makes them unique — the barriers, the pain points that they face for any specific issues.

[Visual:] Hisham Eldai

[Audio:] I have been really passionate about getting the voices of our communities heard. I know many of them are doing a lot of initiatives to improve their understanding of the New Zealand government systems, and they are accessing the Digital Public Service.

And so when Jas came along and she said she wanted to do research on understanding user journeys, particularly for the segment of the community that’s at the biggest risk of digital exclusion, I was like, okay, that’s the right opportunity. And so we teamed up together.

[Visual:] Jas Hua

[Audio:] For me, I loved it in a way because it allowed me to explore and understand deeper the lived experience and the story of this group.

[Visual:] Hisham Eldai

[Audio:] It was really one of the best projects I have done because my passion for the communities, my passion for the digital world, getting to work across different departments and this sort of collaboration, it was totally exciting and seeing the impact of it on the community, of course. Yeah.

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  • Te Tari Taiwhenua — Internal Affairs, Ministry for Ethnic Communities — Te Tari Mātāwaka
  • digital.govt.nz

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