COVID-19 Vaccine Update Fund Final Report

The Ethnic Communities COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake Fund was a partnership between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry for Ethnic Communities. The NZD$2-million fund was established to “assist ethnic communities in achieving equitable uptake and access to the COVID-19 Vaccine.”

This report closes the COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake Fund, which ran from 1 October 2021 till 30 June 2022. It summarises all phases of securing funding from the system, administration of the fund, and the results achieved. The report also highlights the partnership role our ethnic community organisations played in Aotearoa’s COVID-19 Vaccination response.

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Former Refugees, Recent Migrants and Ethnic Communities Employment Action Plan

The Former Refugees, Recent Migrants and Ethnic Communities Employment Action Plan is a resource with information, analysis and policy options aimed at improving labour market outcomes for former refugees, recent migrants, and ethnic communities.

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Digital inclusion user insights – Former refugees and migrants with English as a second language

The purpose of this research, which is published by the Department of Internal Affairs in partnership with the Ministry for Ethnic Communities, is to understand the lived experience of one of the most often digitally excluded groups: former refugees and marginalised migrants with English as a second language. The report includes key findings and research recommendations (not government policy) for government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to consider in order to improve digital inclusion for former refugees and marginalised migrants in New Zealand.

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Connecting with Faith Communities and Interfaith Groups report - November 2020

This report is a record of the discussions from a series of hui that we conducted with New Zealand's Faith and Interfaith groups. It outlines the key themes that emerged and identifies chances for our office, community organisatons, and members of our communities to address the challenges, issues, and opportunities that were raised.

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Conversations with Aotearoa New Zealand’s Muslim Communities

This report presents key themes from a series of conversations the Office of Ethnic Communities conducted with New Zealand’s Muslim communities in the wake of the 15 March 2019 terror attacks, and identifies opportunities for addressing them.

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Caste Away? Unfolding the Maori Indian

The research, conducted by Dr Edwina Pio in association with the Office of Ethnic Affairs, explores the experiences of those from a mixed Māori/Indian background.

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Trailblazers – inspiring stories from migrant women entrepreneurs

Trailblazers is a collection of inspirational stories of first generation, migrant women business entrepreneurs in New Zealand.

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Chinese Poll Tax

The Office of Ethnic Communities has assembled information about the discriminatory history of the Chinese Poll Tax in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and led a consultation process to find a form of reconciliation appropriate to the descendants of Poll Tax payers.

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