Selecting the right time to celebrate your language is particularly important for larger language celebrations.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Give yourself enough time

Planning a language celebration is a big task and may take longer than expected. Choose a date that gives your team enough time to find funding and organise events. For a larger celebration this process can take up to a year so make sure you give yourself enough time.

Try not to duplicate dates

We are fortunate to have many languages to celebrate every year in New Zealand. To gain maximum exposure for your event, it may be best to ensure your language celebration is not planned for the same time as another language celebration.

See language celebration websites and the Human Rights Commission website for current dates.

If you are organising a language celebration and would like to promote this on the Human Rights Commission website, contact the Human Rights Commission’s InfoLine on 0800 496 877, or email:

Link in with international celebrations

Language celebrations occur all around the world. You may wish yours to coincide with international celebrations for your language. Linking with international celebrations can be an excellent way to promote your language. Go ahead and see who else is out there.

Tip: To avoid duplication within your own language, research whether other groups are planning language celebrations. refer to the Office of Ethnic Communities community directory to find potential contacts.

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