Intercultural Capability E-learning

This introductory eLearning programme is aimed at increasing people's cultural understanding to better interact or communicate with people from different backgrounds.

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Unlocking Language Barriers - Translation Guidance

This guide provides practical advice and information to support government agencies and other organisations in Aotearoa New Zealand to better communicate with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.

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How to write a nomination for a New Zealand Royal Honour

Our step-by-step guide explains how to nominate a person for a New Zealand Royal Honour. This includes information about the nomination process, tips and advice for making a nomination and how to complete the nomination form.

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Language Celebration Guidelines

The Heritage and Community Language Celebration Guidelines are a resource designed to support communities to celebrate and maintain their heritage languages, giving practical advice on the process of organising a language celebration.

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Making a Submission to government

We have produced guidelines for how to make a submission to a Parliamentary Select Committee. Submissions are sometimes sought from the general public when changes are being made to policies or to legislation. A submission is a way to present your views.

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Ethnicity Matters – a guide to working with ethnic communities

This is a guide intended to help public sector organisations work with and respond to the needs of ethnic communities.

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Ethnic diversity in the workplace

This set of resources are aimed at increasing competence related to recruiting and managing staff from ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds.

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Employment rights and responsibilities

All workers have the same employment rights in New Zealand, no matter what their visa status. This page provides information on employment rights and how to get help as an employee.

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Official Information Act request

The Official Information Act allows New Zealanders to make requests for information relating to our work, including the advice we provide to our Minister.

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