Advancing together - productive delivery and sustainable outcome

Our Ministry is dedicated to fostering social cohesion, promoting inclusivity, and valuing the rich tapestry of cultures that make up our nation. We strive to build a stronger and more harmonious Aotearoa New Zealand – a legacy that will resonate throughout generations to come.

Empowering ethnic communities benefits all New Zealanders. We will persist in investing in initiatives that bring about lasting positive changes, leading to economic, social and cultural prosperity for everyone in Aotearoa
New Zealand.

Achieving system changes that improve the wellbeing of ethnic communities is a complex and long-term focused journey. We will target our work to the areas of the biggest impact and work collaboratively with others to achieve this goal.

We will only achieve sustainable, holistic and long-term positive outcomes for our ethnic communities through robust evidence-based policy advice, constructive partnerships with communities, and collaborative work across the government and private sectors.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of progress in our changing world. Working with others leads to more efficient and effective results. As we look back at our achievements and milestones from the past year, we remain dedicated to progressing on our journey with a clear focus on delivering our strategic priorities alongside others.

This means building on the dynamic alliances we have developed with government agencies, community organisations and the private sector.

By pooling resources and expertise, we will catalyse transformative solutions that address the multifaceted challenges faced by our ethnic communities and New Zealand society.

We are committed to reflecting the voices of those we serve through meaningful work. Our journey is rooted in our belief that unlocking the potential of our ethnic communities has enduring benefits for everyone in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Te Tauāki Noho Haepapa | Statement of Responsibility

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