If you need language support when calling government agencies, you can request an interpreter for free.

We have launched detailed, interactive, step-by-step guides for ethnic communities to show them exactly what to do if they need an interpreter when calling a government agency. It has been translated and voiced over into 20 languages.

This resource:

  • Explains each step of the process
  • Provides an example of an interpreting call in practice
  • Includes tips for communities on how to use an interpreter to achieve more effective communication

View the English version of this new resource.

We will also be sharing this resource with other government agencies to better promote the availability of interpreting services when required across several core public services.

This new resource supports and builds on other translated resources we have created, including a flyer and a social media tile promoting interpreting services. These are available to download and share with communities.

We have also developed training for public servants, to better understand the role of interpreters and how to access them on behalf of the public. The training includes information on how to use interpreters to achieve more effective communication with someone with whom they do not share a language. This forms part of a suite of resources we have and continue to develop to support the public sector to better work and communicate with people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities. Other resources include our Unlocking Language Barriers translation guidance, and Introduction to Inter-Cultural Capability eLearning modules.

Translated versions of the accessing interpreting services eLearning are available below:

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