Inter-cultural Capability eLearning

African Drums

Aotearoa New Zealand is a diverse country with over 200 different ethnicities. We offer an Intercultural Capability eLearning to promote the benefits of ethnic diversity. We aim for this introductory programme to increase people's cultural understanding. So they can better interact or communicate with people from different backgrounds.

The programme has four modules and focuses on:

  • understanding what culture is
  • how it impacts on communication and behaviour and
  • provides tools and method for improving people's ability to communicate across cultural boundaries.

The programme is interactive, self-directed and self-paced. Meaning you can move through it as quickly or slowly as you like. Each of the four modules builds on the previous one. We recommend that you do the modules in order. Then let us know what you think by filling in the survey following Module 4.

Module 1 - 4

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Please note: We are aware that some people accessing this course through Google Chrome may have problems completing the course. If this happens to you, please try using a different web browser.



Complete the survey.

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