How to celebrate your language and empower your community

The Heritage and Community Language Celebration Guidelines (the guidelines) are a resource the Office of Ethnic Communities developed to support communities to celebrate and maintain their heritage languages.  The guidelines use plain language and give practical advice through the process of organising a language celebration.  Click below and find out more about where to start, who to involve, what to include, when to organise, how to find support and how others have developed language celebrations.

The Heritage and Community Language Celebration Guidelines (PDF - 6.9mb*)

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*  This document is in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. You need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download a free version from the Adobe site.

  • Budget Template

    GrantsĀ  Grant Amount in $ Details Total Below is a list of costs that could be associated with your language celebration. Delete any items that are not applicable.

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  • Celebration Checklist

    You may wish to host specific events during your language celebration. This checklist includes things that you might want to think about, leading up to, on the day and following the event.

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