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The Ministry for Ethnic Communities and the Superdiversity Institute are pleased to announce the Top Diverse Board-Ready Directors List 2021.

This list has been put together in the context of the partnership agreed earlier this year between the Ministry for Ethnic Communities, The Superdiversity Institute and Leadership New Zealand to help increase ethnic diversity across public sector boards.

Our teams will work together to build and deliver a diverse talent pool from the list, identifying chairs and directors across a range of diversity/intersectionality dimensions and highlighting the value they can bring into the world of governance. 

The Ministry for Ethnic Communities will also be building a sustainable pipeline of ethnically diverse governance candidates through training, assisted by those on the list. This adds to the work already being done by the Ministry through its Nominations Service, which maintains a database of qualified candidates from ethnic communities for appointment to public sector boards and committees. 

Visit the Superdiversity Institute website to meet the candidates on the Top Diverse Board-Ready Directors List.

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