Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. It’s important that you and your family know what to do and have a plan in place for when they happen.

We have worked with the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to create a series of videos to help communities understand how to prepare for different disasters and emergencies, what to do when they happen, and what to do after they occur.

Mervin Singham, Chief Executive of the Ministry for Ethnic Communities highlights the importance of these videos:

“This series of videos help communities understand the natural hazards we have in Aotearoa New Zealand and what they can do to get ready and respond to them.

“We are delighted with our productive collaboration with NEMA to raise awareness among our ethnic communities about disasters and emergencies and how to prepare for them.

“The communities we serve come from diverse backgrounds and may not have experienced some of these natural disasters in their countries of origin. It is important to ensure that they are equipped with adequate information to respond effectively to such emergencies.

“Through the COVID-19 pandemic and even before that, we have learned that it is much more effective to present information to our ethnic communities in multiple ways and to reach out to them in their native languages. That's why we have produced these animated videos in 20 languages plus English, providing them with the necessary knowledge and confidence to face any emergency.”

There are eight videos, each focusing on a different aspect of disaster and emergency preparedness and response. The videos include:

  1. How to make an emergency plan
  2. What you will need in an emergency
  3. What to do in an earthquake
  4. What to do in a tsunami
  5. What to do in a flood
  6. What to do in a storm
  7. What to do in a fire
  8. What to do during volcanic activity

Watch the videos here


Watch the videos in other languages

The videos have been translated and voiced over into 20 languages and you can download a ‘Make an Emergency Plan’ template in most of these languages. Watch the videos in your language by clicking the links below:


Find more information

For more information about preparing for and responding to different emergencies, go to the Get Ready website. The information on Get Ready has been translated into te reo Māori, New Zealand Sign Language, Pacific languages and the following ethnic languages:

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