Panel members are appointed for a term of up to three years and may be reappointed for a further term of up to three years. The Panel convenes once a month. Time is required from Panel members on a monthly basis to:

  • review the online assessments for all Ethnic Communities Development Funding requests undertaken by Ministry Community Funding Advisors
  • provide their own comments and recommendations on each Ethnic Communities Development Funding request; and
  • attend Panel meetings, either via video conference or in person. Monthly meeting dates will be communicated in advance and will be set for time periods of two hours.


Panel members will be paid fees at the following rates:

  • New Panel members will be paid a half day meeting rate of $108 to attend an induction session, of up to three hours
  • A full day meeting rate of $215
  • A half day meeting rate of $108 for meetings between 1 to 3 hours
  • A rate of $54 for meetings of up to 1 hour
  • Reading fees will be paid at a full day rate of $215 for every 50 reviews, or on a pro rata basis.

The Panel may convene in person twice a year, the costs of which will be met by the Ministry for Ethnic Communities. Panel members are also entitled to claim for reimbursement of actual and reasonable expenses incurred when travelling to and from a Panel meeting, following the procedures outlined by the Ministry.

Conflicts of interest

Panel members are required to manage any conflicts of interest and are expected to make fair and unbiased recommendations. As part of the EOI form, candidates are asked to declare any actual or perceived conflicts of interest, or any other matter that may make their appointment to the Panel inappropriate. We encourage candidates to declare anything that they believe may apply, to be open and transparent.

Further checks

Preferred candidates will also be asked to provide details of two (2) referees who can attest to their suitability for this role. All appointments to the Panel are subject to clear Ministry of Justice and credit checks.

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