Below is a list of successful applicants to the Ethnic Communities Development Fund for July 2023.

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Organisation Decision Amount Project Name Location
15th March Whanau Trust Partially Fund $13,000.00 Supporting Bereaved Families & Activity Coordinators Christchurch
 Afghan Association of New Zealand Incorporated Partially Fund  $5,000.00  Eid Event - Female  Auckland
Afghan Association of New Zealand Incorporated Partially Fund $3,000.00 Eid Event - Male Auckland
Afghan Welfare Association in New Zealand Incorporated Partially Fund $8,000.00 At - Home and online Tutoring Initiative Auckland
Africa Connection Aotearoa Trust Fund $9,800.00 Kiswahili classes - Sharing the safari 2023 Wellington
African Communities Forum Incorporated Partially Fund $10,000.00 Africa Day 2023 Auckland
Al Murtaza Association (NZ) Incorporated Partially Fund $5,000.00 Multi-Ethnic Community’s Cohesion (Series of events) Auckland
Aotearoa Tamil Incorporated Partially Fund $5,000.00 Aotearoa Tamil - Language and Cultural Events Christchurch
Asian Family Services Partially Fund $20,000.00 Asian Youth Mental Wellbeing Programme Auckland
Auckland Malayali Samajam Incorporated Partially Fund $10,000.00 Malayali Samajam Family Wellbeing Programme Auckland
Auckland Somali Community Association Incorporated Partially Fund $15,000.00 Strengthening Somali Families Social wellbeing project Auckland
BHARTIYA SAMAJ WELLINGTON & MANAWATU TRUST Partially Fund $5,000.00 Mix and Mingle Wellington
Burundian Association in New Zealand Incorporated Partially Fund $11,090.00 The future Auckland
CANTERBURY INDIAN WOMEN GROUP TRUST Partially Fund $13,000.00 Selwyn Diwali 2023 Selwyn
Chinese Association of North Shore City Partially Fund $8,000.00 Daily Activities Auckland
Chinese Association of North Shore City Fund $8,000.00 "Spectacular Spellbinders: Unveiling the Magic of Chinese Traditions" Auckland
Chinese Culture Association (NZ) Incorporated Fund $25,000.00 2023 Chinese Festival (NZ) Christchurch
Christchurch Kerala Association Partially Fund $10,000.00 Onam festival August 2023 Christchurch
DHAMMA GAVESI MEDITATION CENTRE INCORPORATED Partially Fund $10,000.00 Sri Lankan Community Wellbeing Weekend Wellington
Diversity Network Partially Fund $5,000.00 Diversity Festival 2023 Wellington
Dunedin Senior Chinese Association Fund $14,155.00 DSCA 2023 May - 2024 April events funding application Dunedin
Eduquest Partially Fund $15,000.00 Arabic Language Immersion Camp - Waikato Muslim Community Education Programs Waikato
Empower Communities Charitable Trust Fund $5,068.00 Connection & Inclusion: Uyghur Cultural Preservation in Aotearoa Auckland
Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand Incorporated Partially Fund $10,000.00 Emerging Leaders Kickstart Training Programme Nationwide
Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand Incorporated Partially Fund $5,000.00 Islamic Art and Culture Exhibition Auckland
Hakatere Multi Cultural Council Inc. Partially Fund $5,000.00 Ethnic Leaders Forum Ashburton
Hamilton Colombian Community Trust Partially Fund $ 5,000.00 Football development teams-Latino Stars Hamilton
Howick Village Association Partially Fund $5,000.00 Howick Village Cultural Food Festival 2024 Auckland
INDIA NZ Community Partially Fund $ 5,000.00 Educational Video Program Auckland
Islamic Council of New Zealand Partially Fund $20,000.00 Grand National Celebration of Eid Al-Ghadeer Auckland
Islamic Trust Of Canterbury Fund $ 5,000.00 Eid Ul Fitr Celebration Christchurch
Kalaabam@Plains FM 96.9 Fund $5,360.00 Kalaabam Tamil Radio Show Christchurch
Kashmiri Association of New Zealand (KANZ) Partially Fund $5,000.00 eid ul adha Auckland
KiwiOra Community Trust Partially Fund $5,000.00 Multi Culture Movement and Performance Auckland
KiwiOra Community Trust Partially Fund $ 8,000.00 youth empowerment workshops Auckland
Lebanity Enterprise NZ Charitable Trust Partially Fund $5,000.00 Lebanese Arabic Language Classes Nationwide
Lebanity Enterprise NZ Charitable Trust Partially Fund $5,000.00 Folkloric Dabke Dance Class Auckland
Lighthouse Youth of Canterbury Fund $2,000.00 Afghan Sports Day Christchurch
Lions Club of Hokitika Charitable Trust Partially Fund $9,700.00 Westland Multicultural Festival 2023 Westland
Manawatu Multicultural Council Incorporated Partially Fund $5,000.00 The Welcoming Schools Programme Manawatu
Manawatu Multicultural Council Incorporated Partially Fund $5,000.00 World on Stage 2023 Palmerston North
Migrant Connections Taranaki (MCT) Charitable Trust Partially Fund $20,000.00 Migrants succeeding and flourishing in Taranaki New Plymouth
Multi Cultural Council of Rangitikei/Wanganui Incorporated Partially Fund $5,000.00 Feast and Festival Whanganui
'NAAD' CHARITABLE TRUST (NZ) Partially Fund $5,000.00 East Meets West Auckland
Nelson Malayalee Association Incorporated Fund $5,000.00 PONNONAPULARI 2023 Nelson
NEPALESE WOMEN'S WELLBEING NETWORK INCORPORATED Partially Fund $5,000.00 Matariki Commemoration Programme 2023 Auckland
NEW KOREAN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Partially Fund $5,000.00 New Korean Symphony Orchestra Concert Auckland
New Zealand Charitable Association Incorporated Partially Fund $5,000.00 The International Grand Magic Show II Christchurch
New Zealand Chinese Dance Art Center Inc. Partially Fund $ 5,000.00 Dream back to China Auckland
New Zealand Eid Day Trust Board Fund $ 5,000.00 NZ Eid Day, EID AlAdha Wellington Wellington
New Zealand Eid Day Trust Board Fund $5,000.00 NZ Eid Day Adha_Hamilton23 Hamilton
New Zealand International Students' Association (NZISA) Partially Fund $ 5,000.00 Unlocking Potential: Maximizing Leadership and Employability Skills for international students in New Zealand Auckland
New Zealand Muslim Association Partially Fund $5,000.00 Multi-cultural & Multi-faith Eid Celebration Nationwide
New Zealand Tamil Society Incorporated Partially Fund $15,000.00 Sports, Language school and Society's 40th anniversary . Auckland
Pakistan Association of Wellington New Zealand (PAW NZ) Partially Fund $5,000.00 Pakistan Independence Day celebration Wellington
Patriarhia Romana Trust Board Fund $2,000.00 Annual gathering of Romanians and Parish Feast day Christchurch
PERSIA NZ Partially Fund $ 5,000.00 Personal Empowerment Workshop Wellington
Queenstown Multicultural Festival Partially Fund $5,000.00 Quenstown Multicultural Festival 2023 Queenstown
Rangiora Promotions Association Inc Partially Fund $ 5,000.00 Eats and Beats 2024 Waimakariri
Refugees As Survivors New Zealand Trust Fund $10,000.00 RASNZ Triple P Positive Parenting Programme Auckland
Robotics and Computer Science in Schools Educational Trust Partially Fund $10,000.00   Hastings
Roskill Chinese Group Fund $5,000.00 Chinese Arts Development Auckland
Sabah Auckland Association New Zealand Partially Fund $5,000.00 The Harvest Festival 2023 Auckland
Samurai Sevens NZ Partially Fund $5,000.00 Future Samurai connect 2023 Christchurch
SINGH SPORTS AND CULTURAL CLUB Fund $5,000.00 Punjabi Language Week 2023 Hastings
SINGH SPORTS AND CULTURAL CLUB Partially Fund $5,000.00 Children Art competition for Diwali and Bandi Chhor Divas Hastings
Southland Multicultural Trust Partially Fund $10,000.00 Southland Ethnic Cultural Celebrations, Language, and Empowerment Invercargill
Southland Nepalese Society Incorporated Partially Fund $5,000.00 Cultural Events Invercargill
Sri Lankan Community of Whanganui Fund $4,500.00 Sri Lankan Cultural and Community Events 2023 Whanganui
TAIRAWHITI MULTICULTURAL COUNCIL INCORPORATED Partially Fund $7,000.00 Diwali Festival of Lights Gisborne
Tamil Society Waikato Inc Partially Fund $30,000.00 Cultural and Community Wellbeing Project Hamilton
Terapia Para Migrantes Limited Partially Fund $10,000.00 Resettlement services for Spanish-speaking migrants Auckland
The Aoraki Multicultural Council Incorporated Partially Fund $5,000.00 Diwali 2023 Timaru
THE OKAPI ALLIANCE OF NEW ZEALAND INCORPORATED Partially Fund $8,195.00 OKANZ 2023 Independence Day Celebration Auckland
United Hazara Association of Auckland Incorporated Partially Fund $5,000.00 Culture Day – Fun and Entertainment Auckland
WAIKATO COMMUNITY BROADCASTING CHARITABLE TRUST Fund $8,690.00 Free FM Ethnic Programming 2023 Waikato
Waikato Multicultural Council Incorporated Partially Fund $4,248.00 Waikato Multicultural Evening 2023 Hamilton
WAIKATO REFUGEE FORUM INCORPORATED Partially Fund $5,000.00 World Refugee Day June 20 2023 Hamilton
Waikato Senior Indian Citizens Association Inc Partially Fund $5,000.00 Daytime Activity and Fitness Project Hamilton
Wellington Punjabi Women Association Partially Fund $5,000.00 Ladies Cultural Event with Jaswinder Brar 2023 Wellington
WORD Christchurch Fund $ 5,000.00 WORD Christchurch 2023 Christchurch


Total amount disbursed: $632,806.00

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