Aotearoa New Zealand's ethnic communities

Aotearoa New Zealand's ethnic communities include anyone who identifies their ethnicity as:

  • African
  • Asian
  • Continental European
  • Latin-American
  • Middle-Eastern.

Based on the 2018 Census, ethnic communities make up around a fifth of New Zealand’s population, almost a million people. This includes new and temporary migrants, former refugees, asylum-seekers, long-term settlers and those born in New Zealand.

They are an incredibly diverse group, representing over 200 ethnicities and speaking over 170 languages.

Ethnic communities Data Dashboard

You can find out more using the Ethnic Communities’ Data Dashboard. Created in partnership with Statistics New Zealand, it is an interactive tool that allows you access to information on ethnic communities in Aotearoa New Zealand. You can use it to create comprehensive information on ethnicity, religion, and language – at national and regional levels.

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Community Directory

Welcome to the Community Directory, a register of ethnic community organisations and support services.

If your organisation would like to be included in the directory, please email


Name Description Website Region Services Phone
Pakistan and Friends Hawkes Bay Association Incorporated "This society is established and maintained exclusively for two primary charitable purposes: Advance education by offering training programs and advice to Pakistani origin and other community members to support their integration into the Hawke's Bay community.... Hawkes Bay Women, Youth, Counselling Services, Migrant, Recreation, Sport, Media, Interpreting & Translation, Refugee, Research, Settlement, Senior Citizens, Mental Health, Health, Arts & Culture, Community Services, Education, Faith Group 027 405 7250 View
Tamil Society Waikato Incorporated Tamil Society Waikato is determined to foster harmonious links between the Tamils and other sections of the New Zealand community. It also promote Tamil language, culture and celebrate Tamil festivals. Waikato Women, Youth, Migrants, Community Services 027 836 3513 View
Japan Kauri Education Trust Japan Kauri Education Trust (JKET) operates Japanese Children's Library and Japanese Heritage Centre (Japanese language/cultural education classes) for the Japanese community in Auckland. Auckland Women, Youth, Community Services, Education, Migrant, Arts & Culture 021 0867 7777 View
TANZA Tanzania New Zealand Association Tanzania New Zealand Association Incorporated (TANZA) is a community of Tanzanians who live and work in New Zealand and call Aotearoa their home. TANZA is a New Zealand registered organisation. Auckland Community Services, Migrant, Recreation, Settlement, Arts & Culture, Education 022 329 9498 View
Mana Andhra Telugu Association New Zealand (MATA NZ) The aim of MATA NZ is to connect, support advocate and celebrate our vibrant Telugu community here in NZ, and protect the linguistic heritage of the Telugu language and to foster friendship among the Telugu speaking people of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states.... Nationwide Women, Youth, Education, Faith Group, Counselling Services, Migrant, Interpreting & Translation, Health, Arts & Culture, Community Services 021 108 9357 View
Al-Ameen Islamic Development New Zealand Al-Ameen is a registered non-profit charitable trust established since 2016 to serve the various Muslim community in Wellington. The trust runs a successful Islamic centre that caters to religious, social and educational needs of our diverse and multi-ethnic community.... Wellington/Kapiti Women, Youth, Community Services, Education, Faith Group 027 459 2158 View
Communities Action Trust NZ (CATNZ) Communities Action Trust is an organisation that specialises in working with diverse grassroots community organisations and government agencies, to support the wellbeing of the diverse communities. We are passionate about the growth of our communities. We believe if the community succeeds, we succeed as a nation.... Auckland Women, Youth, Business & Enterprise, Migrant, Recreation, Media, Refugee, Research, Settlement, Senior Citizens, Mental Health, Health, Community Services, Education, Arts & Culture, , Technology 021 685 804 View
The Assyrian Association of Wellington Incorporated The Assyrian Associations aim is to strengthen the Assyrian community’s identity in Wellington, New Zealand as well as promoting and observing other interests of the Assyrian Community. Our goal is to promote and maintain our culture. Wellington/Kapiti Women, Youth, Community Services, Faith Group, Migrant, Interpreting & Translation, Refugee, Arts & Culture, View
Iranian Women in NZ (IWIN) IWIN is a Charitable Trust for Iranian Women in NZ started in November 2020 (charities number CC58823 & companies office registration number 50054347). Our mission at IWIN is promoting women’s empowerment and social empathy. Auckland Women, Mental Health, Arts & Culture 020 4089 4282 View
Waikato Arab Social Club Was Club is a not for profit trust, to provide a services for our Arab community. Education by holding Arabic classes for our children. Waikato Women, Youth, Migrant, Recreation, Sport, Interpreting & Translation, Refugee, Settlement, Senior Citizens, Health, Community Services, Education, Arts & Culture 021 202 9735 View
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