The Afghan Association of New Zealand (Inc.) was founded in 2000. The Afghan Association of New Zealand is the oldest and largest established organisation that represents the Afghan Diaspora of New Zealand.

The Afghan Association of New Zealand promotes unity and mutual co-existence among the various Afghan communities. It's our vision to help maintain Afghan cultural, national and religious values, while at the same time helping Afghan communities adapt, assimilate and become active members of the wider New Zealand society and economy.

The current Afghan Association of New Zealand Executive Committee was elected in April, 2015. Comprised predominantly of young Afghans - most of who studied in New Zealand - the long-term goal of this young and dynamic team is to establish an efficient, transparent and accountable system for community service delivery, and in the process, become a model community organisation in New Zealand.

We have an open-door policy. Any Afghan who believes he or she has something to offer to this shared organisation of ours, please contact us and become part of the Executive body.

We wish for the Afghan Association of New Zealand to be reflective of your needs, your opinions, and your suggestions. Hence, we welcome any suggestions and contributions - or any criticism for that matter - from every single individual Afghan in New Zealand, and look forward to being of service to the community.


Youth, Community Services, Education