Muskaan Care Trust serves as a support and advocacy network for people and families affected by blood disorders haemoglobinopathies like Thalassaemia and Sickle Cell Anaemia and other blood disorders and chronic diseases such as Depression (associated with chronic health conditions, Diabetes & CVD and Cancer.

One of the key objectives of MCT is in serving as a support/ patient advocacy network, is to raise awareness, prevent where possible and educate the public i.e. every New Zealanders including migrants about these chronic blood conditions.

Our upcoming website will provide vital information, awareness and education through, web content, videos, pamphlets and brochures that have been developed globally on various subjects such as diagnostics, prevention, Family Planning, Beta thalassaemia minor, Beta thalassaemia major, Alpha thalassaemia, Sickle cell anaemia and Haemaglobinopathy such as HbE, HbS etc. also diabetes and CVD risk and prevention. These resources are available in English and in various other languages as available from accredited.

In addition to this, our website will include other articles & information from other sources, experts, news, events and developments within the global Societies and its on-going service to the public. Muskaan Care Trust has dedicated professionals community/health educators who will be available to visit and present to community organisations, primary, secondary schools, tertiary institutes, allied health, and consumer health groups.

Please contact our office to enquire about our presentation to your group or organisation (09-2788478). In addition to this, MCT also convenes various social and fundraising events throughout the year, to raise awareness or money towards support work, future research, medical equipment, and education. These events will be advertised in our newsletter, website and Facebook page.

If you would like to make a donation to support Muskaan Care Trust, please go the "Donate" tab and follow the prompts.