Chao Shan General Association of New Zealand (CSGANZ) was officially founded in 2014. It focuses on serving the Teochew community in New Zealand. It is estimated that there are over 30,000 in New Zealand Teochew people who emigrated originally from the east part of Guangdong, China and share a distinguished cultural identity. The CSGANZ connects the Teochew people and contributes to the Teochew community development in New Zealand. With a vision of the wellbeing of Teochew people in New Zealand, the CSGANZ worked closely with New Zealand government, trying to promote the mutual understanding between the mainstream society and the Teochew community.

Another vision of the CSGANZ is to contribute to the local economic development and cultural diversity in New Zealand. The CSGANZ has been playing its bridging role to the relationship between New Zealand and China. Delegations from China, provincial or municipal governments, has sought support from the CSGANZ for the host of cooperation and exchange meetings.

Being part of the international Teochew community, the CSGANZ keeps good relationship with other Teochew associations all over the world. It has been increasingly influential globally since its foundation. 2017 saw a milestone of the CSGANZ as it won the bid for the host of the 20th Convention of International Teochew Federation, which will bring over 3000 Teochew elites all over the world to Auckland and New Zealand in 2019.


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