Anita Balakrishnan

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Our thoughts remain with those of you who are affected following yesterday's attack on the Muslim community.

Aotearoa is one of the most multicultural nations on earth. People who have made New Zealand their home, or have had New Zealand chosen for them, give New Zealand its strength in diversity.

At this difficult time, I'd like to acknowledge the support communities and groups have been providing each other over the last 24 hours - this is what defines us as being caring and a compassionate society.

We stand by you as you find strength with your loved ones and communities.

My staff are also deeply affected by this tragedy on a professional and personal level, and we are committed to supporting the community in Christchurch. We will be sending additional staff down to Christchurch to assist in the office’s work

Through our networks across government, through services such as Language Line, and our local staff, we will continue to work closely with the community to ensure smooth coordination of support and resources where they are needed. Please contact us if you need support accessing these resources.

Kia kaha


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