Understanding Translation Ko te mārama ki ngā mahi whakamāori kōrero

Translation is an essential part of ensuring your information is available and accessible to a wide range of communities and audiences across Aotearoa New Zealand.
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The translation process Te tukanga whakamāori kōrero

Translators convey meaning across languages and cultures, they do not just translate word for word as languages do not share the same structure and some languages may not have words to express the same concept from other languages. Translation is therefore the process of accurately and objectively transferring a text in one language to another.
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Key things to know about translation Ko ngā āhuatanga matua me mārama e pā ana ki te whakamāori kōrero

There are several considerations you need to make before commissioning any translation. Understanding them will allow the translators to do the best job they can, ensure you have the highest quality translation possible, make the translation process smoother and quicker, and allow you to manage any expectations you or your organisation may have around the delivery of translated material.

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