Reaching your audience Te toro atu ki ō minenga

Planning how your communications will be disseminated to communities will ensure you are maximising the effectiveness of your translated information.
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Disseminating your information Te whakahōrapa i ō kōrero

While translation is one important part of reaching and communicating with diverse communities, you should also know your target audience and which channels will best reach them.
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Media consumption of ethnic communities Tā ngā iwi mātāwaka whātoro atu ki ngā mahi pāho

In 2021, the Ministry for Ethnic Communities commissioned a piece of research through Niche Media and Reid Research to better understand ethnic communities’ main and preferred methods of communication with government organisations, as well as their consumption of media in Aotearoa New Zealand.
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Ethnic media in Aotearoa New Zealand Ngā kaipāho mātāwaka ki Aotearoa

Find a list of some ethnic community media organisations and channels operating in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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