Jadarose Kapsin Mani

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The Office of Ethnic Communities is supporting Ministry of Education in hosting three Education Consultation meetings encouraging ethnic community participation. The meetings are being held in Auckland throughout this month.

The first meeting, held 8 September at the Wesley Community Centre, Mount Roskill, provided a platform for ethnic community members to contribute their ideas on how New Zealand’s education system can be improved.

Hon Jenny Salesa, Minister for Ethnic Communities and Associate Minster for Education, attended the meeting to hear the insights and ideas of participants regarding the future of New Zealand’s education system.

In her opening speech, Minister Salesa reflected on the importance of the voices of ethnic people being heard to help shape the future of New Zealand’s education.

Inclusivity, equality and culturally responsive education systems were key themes repeated at the meeting. Participants voiced opinions on hoping to see school boards reflective of New Zealand’s diverse population, and that culturally appropriate teaching methods are instated.

A highlight of the evening was nine year old, Jadarose Kapsin-Mani from Owairaka District School, telling Minister Salesa how important it is for New Zealand to have kind, respectful and bully-free school environments.

Two more consultations will be held in Auckland on 14 September at Ormiston Junior College, Flabush and 25 September at Glenfield Primary School, Northshore.

The Education Consultation in Auckland is part of a nationwide drive by Education New Zealand to engage with communities and hear their thoughts on the future of New Zealand’s education system.

For more information visit https://conversation.education.govt.nz/

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