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Ethnic communities across Aotearoa New Zealand are supporting New Zealand’s first-ever Vaxathon that will take place this Super Saturday, 16 October.

If you haven’t had your COVID-19 vaccination yet, Saturday is the perfect day. Vaccine clinics will be open all over the country, all day and into the evening.

It has never been more urgent to get New Zealand vaccinated.

Summer is just 8 weeks away and we need everyone to book their first vaccine appointment now so they can get 2 doses and enjoy everything a classic Kiwi summer has to offer.

The more of us are fully vaccinated, the more protection we will have against COVID-19, and the more freedom this gives us.

We want to say a massive thank you to all the ethnic community organisations who are supporting Super Saturday, as well as our colleagues at District Health Boards who are working so hard to make it easy to get vaccinated.

You can find a list of vaccination centres across the country at covid19.govt.nz



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