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Communities are welcoming and inclusive, diversity is valued, and all people participate in and contribute fully to society


Through playing either a leading, enabling or supporting role, the Office of Ethnic Communities contributes to the following outcomes

Wellbeing is improved through inclusive and connected communities, with immediate priority given to Christchurch communities. Ethnic Communities have a voice and feel connected to, and valued by, government Government policies and service delivery meet the needs of our ethnically diverse communities and ensure equity of opportunity and outcomes, particularly in areas including education, employment and health. People across society feel their lives are enriched by diversity and see diversity as a valued part of our collective national identity.


The Office of Ethnic Communities has three interconnected focus areas:

Ethnic Communities facing

to enable proactive and positive relationships with local communities, to build trust and a timely understanding of the challenges ethnic communities face, which inform the development of policy and service delivery.

Government facing

to proactively influence the development and implementation of policy and service delivery to create better outcomes for ethnic communities and New Zealand as a whole.

Interface with wider society

to shape narratives and faciliate dialogues about diversity and social inclusion, to ensure positive attitudes and behaviours towards diversity, and to diminish the conditions for discrimination and racism in New Zealand.


Barriers including racisim and discrimination are reduced to ensure equal outcomes and access to information and services for ethnic comunities. Ethnic communities are empowered to participate, contribute and succeed. Positive interactions occur across communities, including tangata whenua, Pacific peoples and pākehā.  

Strategic Framework 2020  [PDF, 121 KB]

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