The aim of the Multilingual Information Network is to create a network of trusted partners (Information Facilitators). They will be working with us to help share important government information. Ensuring New Zealand’s ethnic communities receive material in languages and ways that work for them.

This network will complement our work and provide an extra way for gathering community feedback and insights.

What does an Information Facilitator do?

We are considering how the role should work to best support ethnic communities. At this stage we anticipate it involving:

  • Providing insights on the information needs of their communities
  • Disseminating information through their community contacts
  • Gathering and providing feedback to us on the challenges facing their communities.

We are testing the Multilingual Information Network

As part of the Multilingual Information Network pilot we will send two test messages. The Department of Internal Affairs Translation Service will translate the messages. The information we collate will help us to measure the reach of the Network and to strengthen our processes.


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