I am a Brazilian-Kiwi; my mum is Brazilian and my Dad is Kiwi. I grew up in Brazil and moved to NZ when I was thirteen.

Tell us about your graduate placement and your host agency. 

I’m placed in the New Zealand Customs Service, in the Trade Policy Team. The first most exciting thing about my placement was to find out the broad areas that my agency is involved in. This has really opened my mind to what is done not only in Customs but also in other agencies. I’ve been getting very involved in APEC, and have been enjoying sitting in on trade negotiations.  

Is there a career goal you are working towards?

I don’t have a specific career goal I am working towards. I know broadly where I would like to be – in a leadership position in the international sphere. However, I’m currently just enjoying making the most out of opportunities and finding out my strengths and passions.

Why do you think it’s important to have a diverse Public Service?

Firstly, the public sector should be representative of the population, in order to create effective policies that take into consideration the needs of all of society. Diversity also brings a range of perspectives and ideas, which are key to creating meaningful and powerful progress. I believe that without diversity it is almost impossible to have progressive policies that represent the needs and wants of the people.

What advice do you give to graduates considering a career in the Public Service?

I would totally recommend it. The public sector is an amazing place where you can embrace who you are and hold on to your values while engaging in meaningful work. It is somewhere you meet other passionate people and challenge yourself in mahi that is exciting.

Posted 7 months ago by Cristian Cornejo

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