The Ethnic Communities Graduate Programme seeks to improve ethnic diversity across the Public Service by providing a meaningful first employment opportunity to skilled graduates from Aotearoa New Zealand’s ethnic communities.

On this page, you can learn more about these graduates and their experience in the programme. 

Maha Jaffari

"Having a diverse public sector can help to reach political, social, and economical goals such as social stability, equality and innovation" says Maha Jaffari, whose career goal is to become a senior policy advisor and bring positive change for our communities and society.

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Manisha Viyakesparan

Manisha was born in England to a Sri Lankan Tamil family and is hoping her placement with the Ethnic Communities Graduate Programme is the beginning of a long and fulfilling career in government. "New Zealand is home to many cultures that have valuable knowledge and experience to share. Graduate Programmes such as this are vital in providing that ‘foot in the door’ for those wanting a career in government", she says.

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Edward Ennion-Dickison

"Any system benefits when you have a diverse range of lived experiences to draw from", says Edward Ennion-Dickison, whose work in the Regional Development Policy team at the Ministry of Social Development is promoting better connections and cooperation between government agencies in the various regions across the country.

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Dana Visnovsky

Dana is hoping that her time in the Ethnic Communities Graduate Programme will allow her to develop the skills necessary to confidently connect ethnic communities to the Public Service. If you are looking at starting a career in the Public Service, her advice is to be patient with your professional growth and remember your why.

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Shanya Fae Beltran

Originally from the Philippines, Shanya moved to Aotearoa New Zealand with her family at a young age and grew up in Tāmaki Makaurau. She believes ethnic communities have plenty to offer Aotearoa as they continue to contribute to the diversity and sense of community in spaces such as the Public Service.

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Anthony Chhun

A first-generation Kiwi born to Cambodian parents who migrated to New Zealand as refugees, Anthony believes the importance of having a diverse Public Service comes from New Zealand becoming such a diverse place, with many Kiwis who have different ethnic backgrounds calling the country their home.

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