Hungarian performers at opening of the exhibition

On 15 November 2018, the Embassy of Hungary hosted an exhibition of art, titled ‘Double Bond’, by New Zealand-Hungarian artists. The exhibit explored the connection between the two countries using a range of genres including painting, photography and sculpture. The exhibition opening was celebrated with Hungarian dancing.

The nine artists who contributed to the exhibition came from a range of ages, backgrounds and artistic expression, but all united by their link to the two countries.

Cathrine Austin ("Austin"), Director of the Office of Ethnic Communities, attended the exhibit “It was lovely to see how the exhibition demonstrated the strong sense of connection people had to both New Zealand and Hungary. Regardless of the time they had been in New Zealand, the artists still maintained strong cultural roots”.

Ngarongo Phillips, a Wellington based artist, contributed a poetic response to each of the 18 pieces of art exhibited. Her response to one of the paintings, Buda Waka, follows:

Freedom fighters
I can hear you calling
Blend us blue ocean
Red reads over-it-all
Hope blows to 'four winds'
'Nga hau e wha'

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