This fund is now closed.

There are three steps to using the Vaccine Uptake Fund:

1. Apply for funding

2. Run your project or activity

3. Provide a simple report on what was achieved.

More information is available below including guidance on completing the application form and producing a report.

Applying for funding

Please note: Applications for the fund close on 21 June.

To submit an application, you must log in to the Community Advice and Grants website and fill a funding application.

Guidance on completing the application is available here.

The maximum amount available per application is $20,000.

Funded activities must be completed within 6 weeks of the application being approved. 

If you need any assistance with your application please email

Running your activity

You can run your project, or activity in the way that suits you best. The only rule is that everything must be completed within six weeks of you receiving funding.

If you are bringing people together, please remember to keep everyone safe by following government rules on running events under the COVID-19 Protection Framework.

Providing your report

When your project or activity is completed you will need to submit a simple report setting out what you did and what was achieved. If you ran a vaccination event you will need to include the number of people who got vaccinated.

Details of what needs to appear in the report, and how to submit your information are available here.

The reports help us understand how funding is benefitting communities. They also help us make a case for future ethnic community funding.

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