Our Executive Director is Anusha Guler, who reports to the Chief Executive of the Department of Internal Affairs. The Office of Ethnic Communities is made up of three teams: Community Engagement, Policy, and Planning, Systems and Services.

Community Engagement team

This team engages with ethnic communities to identify their perspectives on government activity and/or facilitate government consultation; with government agencies, to provide grounded community intelligence on policy and service development; and with other key stakeholders such as local government and business groups. This team safeguards and exhibits our intention that “community engagement is at the heart of the Office of Ethnic Communities”.

Planning, Systems and Services team

This team oversees business planning, accountability reporting, systems development and maintenance. It also manages and delivers some direct services including the Nominations Service and the Ethnic Communities Development Fund. The team provides the Office with administrative support, expertise in navigating various Department of Internal Affairs processes, and manages stakeholder engagement channels. It also monitors and reports against the strategic goals and focus areas of our work programme.

Through the Department of Internal Affairs, the Office of Ethnic Communities contributes to broader public sector efforts to deliver on government goals. In particular, we contribute to shaping Safer Communities Initiatives and empowering ethnic communities to succeed and contribute.

Policy team

This team provides policy advice which is informed by research and analysis, and grounded in community intelligence. Policy also provides a central point for developing ministerial briefings and advice, drawing on expertise from across the office, and for providing an ethnic diversity perspective on cross-agency policy and briefings. The team interacts closely with, and draws intelligence from, the Community Engagement and Planning, Systems and Services teams to ensure policy advice is current and informed.

Our Minister for Diversity, Inclusion and Ethnic Communities is Priyanca Radhakrishnan.

Careers with us

To find out about employment opportunities at the Office of Ethnic Communities, visit the Department of Internal Affairs Vacancies(external link).

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