Our Service Model is a tool to help us think about our work internally in the context of a connected system and as part of the ‘diversity eco-system’.

The essence of this model is that engagement with communities is our key point of difference and must be central to our work – feeding into, and receiving from, our policy services and project services. Community engagement is at the heart of the Office of Ethnic Communities and is pivotal to the specific value we can deliver as a small government agency.

Our community engagement is of course a two-way process. From the Office’s perspective, it could be described as ‘listening in’ and ‘reaching out’. In engaging with communities we listen carefully to the views, experiences, and aspirations of community members so that we can include an authentic community voice in our advice to government. In engaging with communities, we also have an important role in presenting, communicating and explaining government policies, goals and aspirations.

Community engagement, policy and initiatives are underpinned by cross-cutting systems, processes and support functions, and this relationship is reflected in the organisational structure of the Office.

Community Engagement Feeds into Policy Services and project Services which in turn feeds back into Community Engagement. Policy and project Servcies both feed into Processes, Systems and Support which also feeds into Community Engagement.

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