Strategic Direction and Intent for the Office of Ethnic Communities 2016 - 2020

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  • Introduction

    “Flourishing Ethnic Diversity; thriving New Zealand” is the guiding vision for the work of the Office of Ethnic Communities. A plan to achieve this vision is established through our operating model which is described in more detail in this document....

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  • Who we are

    Who we areThe Office of Ethnic Communities is government’s authoritative advisor on ethnic diversity in New Zealand. We also provide information, advice and services to, and for, ethnic communities in New Zealand and administer funds to support community development and social cohesion....

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  • Operating Context

    Changing demography and superdiversityNew Zealand now has over 200 distinct ethnic communities. New Zealand has more ethnicities than the world has countries. Based on current trends and projections, we will continue to become more ethnically diverse as our population grows....

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  • Operating Model Overview

    The Office of Ethnic Communities Operating Model is a framework to help bring clarity, simplicity and focus to our work. The model provides a structure to identify and communicate what we do and why.

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  • Vision and Purpose

    The Office of Ethnic Communities' Vision - our highest ideal – is that New Zealand is a thriving nation (culturally, economically and socially) comprised of socially cohesive communities where mutual respect and understanding is the norm....

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  • Focus Areas

    We have four focus areas, which are the key planks that support our Purpose and contribute towards fulfilment of the Vision. The focus areas are our ‘intermediate outcomes’ selected to support and deliver on our Purpose and Vision....

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  • Service Model

    Our Service Model is a tool to help us think about our work internally in the context of a connected system and as part of the ‘diversity eco-system’.

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  • Operating Principles

    Our Operating Principles are about how we work in the Office of Ethnic Communities, and they reflect the reality of being a relatively small Office with a broad operating context and an increasingly diverse population to serve....

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  • Measuring our Success

    Our work contributes to the Department of Internal Affairs’ overall strategic direction and outcomes. The Department’s Statement of Intent provides the high level framework which the Office of Ethnic Communities work attaches to....

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